Radio Frequency Jammers

Introducing our Radio Frequency Jammers, designed to provide superior performance in a variety of applications such as radar jamming and GPS car detection. Specifically, our waterproof RF Jammer model TG-101M-Pro is ideal for use in prisons.

RF Jammers are devices that block or block communications via radio frequency signals. These devices effectively block communications by emitting specific signals that cancel out cellular signals. This is accomplished by high-powered signal transmissions that operate at the same frequency as the target device, such as a cell phone.

Radar Jammers, on the other hand, interfere with or suppress the Doppler shifted frequencies emitted by radar waves used by law enforcement to measure vehicle speed.

Traditional analog radar jammers are effective against older analog X-band and K-band radars. However, they are often large, bulky, and emit a continuous signal that can affect nearby radar detectors and potentially cause safety issues. In contrast, modern RF Jammers have higher output power compared to cell phone jammers.

In today’s fast-paced society, Radio Frequency signal jammers are becoming increasingly popular for personal safety purposes. If you would like to learn more about our Radio Frequency Jammers and their capabilities, stay tuned to our updates for tons of information. We are sure that you will find the knowledge about jammers, fascinating and beneficial.

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