GPS Blocker

How GPS Blocker Works:

GPS Blockers work by emitting radio interference waves within a specified electromagnetic frequency range. These waves disrupt the ability of a GPS locator to receive signals, effectively preventing the transmission of GPS signals and creating an electromagnetic environment that inhibits signal reception.

Ways to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking:

There are two main ways to block GPS signals. First, you can directly disconnect the GPS locator. Alternatively, you can purchase a GPS signal Blocker from JAMMERSIGNAL. However, it is crucial to first determine the specific type of signal tracking method used by the GPS system in your vehicle.

Signal tracking methods are generally divided into two categories: (1) tracking based on mobile phone signals and (2) tracking based on direct satellite tracking signals.

Typically, a GPS locator uses a combination of mobile phone and GPS signals to locate a location. When a jammer is activated, all GPS signals within its range will be jammed. Once the vehicle GPS blocker is turned off, the GPS signal will be available again.

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