GPS Jammer

How do GPS Jammers work?

GPS is the abbreviation of “Global Positioning System” and is a radio navigation system. GPS is now available for everyday civilian use.

GPS relies on radio signals transmitted by satellites. These satellites are constantly emitting signals, and when you activate location services on your smartphone or activate the satellite navigation system in your car, these devices receive signals from at least four satellites to determine your precise location.

A GPS jammer is typically a small device that plugs into a car’s 12V power socket, often referred to as a “car cigarette lighter.” When connected, it emits a jamming signal on the same frequency as the GPS device, creating interference that prevents the GPS receiver from accurately determining its location.

Essentially, GPS jamming works similarly to cell phone jamming. By transmitting a similar signal on the same frequency but at a higher power output, a GPS signal jammer introduces interference that prevents the receiver from capturing the satellite signal (in the case of GPS).

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